I just want to break.

To live freely, free.

To be unbound of physical and social conventions, free from the norm.

I don’t crave to be the norm; I crave to be spirit.

I don’t crave sorrow; I crave being a kid.

I don’t crave living being stuck in the Mind: I only crave the Heart, always.

‘What do you mean rich? – I mean, do you have a lot of possessions, a lot of money in the bank? – Possessions make you rich? I don’t have that type of richness.

My richness is Life.

Break open, heart, please do. I can hear you pound and pound and pound, I can hear your craving for sharp life, for red pumping raw blood full of Being, rushing, and rushing, and breaking free. I can sense you under this surface.

Please come to me. Please, let me come Home.
I am here for you. To tell me what to do. I am
I will hear you.
I just want to
Hope to

that I’ll be still enough
Silent enough
Brave enough

To hear you.


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