So I guess this is the time. In my life. That I’m breaking

I’m breaking. I am breaking. I am breaking, finally, to the beauty of life, I am, finally, surrendering to the flow, I am, finally, being, and nothing more, and I am just being, just simply being, and I’ve never felt so hollow, and I’ve never felt so full, and I’ve never felt so light, and free, and fire, before

I have never felt so fire. I have never felt so air. I have never felt so water, and I have never felt so earth. I am everything at the same moment, I am nothing in every sense, I am the elements mixed together in a flowing stream that passes through me and penetrates all my chakras and opens them and there is all this air around me, there is all this fresh light air all inside me, that I cannot do anything but to feel all this and sense it all and do nothing but enjoy every precious second of it and know that nothing lasts forever and that everything is always changing and then be extremely, deeply grateful for all that is happening right now, right here, inside me, and all around me

I am truly amazed. Thank you, life, for bringing me to this point; thank you, universe, for letting me experience all this. I could not wish for more, since all is perfect as it is now.
Why I’m writing all this. Because I feel these truly amazing feelings inside of me and it’s as if my throat wants to shout I FEEL everything. I don’t think about it. I don’t talk about it. I don’t see it with my eyes, and I can’t touch it with my hands, but I can feel it. I can hear the sound of the Earth when it rotates. I can feel the suns, not only ours, burning for us. I can feel the energies of  the planets that influence our system. I can feel the pushing and pulling of the Moon. I can feel space, I can sense the empty room in between things. I can feel emotions so deeply, my own, and the ones of others. But most of all, I can feel the love

And I’m like wow. If only people knew. If only people knew. If only people would let themselves be vulnerable and open and conscious and awake and truly alive, if only people could wake up from their dream and experience life as it is, if only people would let themselves feel everything in a pure way

I am in Panama now, in Bocas del Toro, in some little amazing islands in the Caribbean. I am just traveling and living as if there would be no tomorrow and just being, just being. I am in love with Costa Rica so I am living there now. I have few belongings. I am totally and completely reaponsible for myself

And so it is


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