puerto viejo, costa rica

I’ve been working on this blog recently, I am trying to make it better and change some things. Can’t wait to finish it and release it.

I am laying on my bed now, in my bikini, in this dark cabina I’ve been calling home for the past week, in a relatively small, dirty, messy, crazy town on the Caribbean. Here you can find mystic reggae music and dancehall pumping in the shops, long-haired locals with jamaican roots hanging out with their surfboards, the smell of street food at every corner, a stunning scenery of white beaches, palm trees and horses running on the sand, while salty skin is getting burned under the hot tropical sun.

This town is called Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, and it’s my favourite place in Costa Rica.

Today it rains, so it’s more of a chill day, and I’m writing down my thoughts while listening to the gentle raindrops on the palm trees. I’ve been thinking about my past experiences a lot. These last two months have been incredible. I have no words to describe them.

The sun just came out, I can see it through my open window.
It’s quiet outside, only some dogs barking and a kid talking.
The sound of a scooter.
The wind brushing leaves.

I can’t wait to go to Lazy Mon with Lala tonight, have some beers, then maybe some shots, dance a little, smoke a little, chill a little, people watch a little (the locals here are extremely fascinating). Wait for the fire show to start, the best fire show in the world, so I can study the pretty girl’s moves and practice them at home. Get amazed by how their bodies move so fluidly with fire, caressing the flames. Get lost into the music. Run to the beach and soak my feet into the dark ocean under the black sky covered with suns, look up at the Moon and say gracias.

Gracias para todo.
Voy a extrañar esto lugar que me encanta y que está en mi corazon.
Esto lugar donde vive la pura vida.
Gracias para todo.

That’s what my nights usually look like here. I am still here, but I know I will really miss this place. Costa Rica is my second home.

and Love
and Light



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