the girl named like the wind

There’s this story
I’m gonna tell you.

There once was this girl
Named like the Wind.

She was young, domesticated, a good girl.
She went to school, she went back home, she studied hard.
She laughed and partied with her friends.

She had the luck to chose a family close to her soul.
In her 19 years alive, she was always surrounded by supportive people, a human Tribe.

She laughed, but she was lonely.
She danced, but not like she wanted to.
She cried, but not desperately.
She was a young girl, and she had still everything to learn.
She had questions, but she didn’t ask.

School ended.

A life ended.
A new one emerged.

One day, the New Life knocked at her door, very quietly.
“What do you want?” the Girl named like the Wind asked.
“Guide you” the New Life replied.

The Girl named like the Wind
Had for her first time
A choice.

She chose to trust the New Life even though it was a stranger, and followed it out of the door.

“Where are we going?” she asked. “Where you asked to go” said the New Life. The little girl thought that was weird because she didn’t ask to go anywhere, but she didn’t reply and followed the stranger out of the backyard.

There once was a girl
Named like the Wind
Who made a choice.

The Girl named like the Wind crossed Seas and Oceans.
She walked on the Sand and walked on the Stones.
She had shoes, but walked mostly barefoot, she could feel the New Life more, she said, it made her feel safer.

The New Life made her jump into Lakes, cross very deep Rivers, even step into the Fire. It burned, she said, burned like the Sun, and it hurt. But she survived, and grew stronger and stronger everyday.

She saw Wolves taking care of their babies, Bears killing their brothers, Fish swimming faster than the Waves, and Horses running faster than the Wind. She made friends witht the Plants, and shared with them her biggest dreams and fears. They listened. She even saw a human baby’s smile.

When she walked in the thick Forests, it often happened that she lost sight of the New Life, for it was too fast and quiet. She learned to ask The Plants. They always showed her the way.

One day,
The Girl named like the Wind
Found Home.

She was swimming in the Blue Ocean, alone, and laughing with the Waves, when she found Home. She came to sit on the wet dark Sand, melted her hands and body into it, smelled the Palm trees in front of her, and knew. She knew she had found Home. To be sure, she even asked the Sky, looked at the white Clouds for reassurance. And they nodded, smiling.

But she had to leave.
The New Life was calling her and, like she always did, she followed.
In this time, she learned to trust in the New Life.
The New Life never failed to bring her where she had to be.
So she went.

In the thick Forests, she met other Humans like her, who were following the New Lives. They called it in different ways: the Beginning of Time, the Path, the Falling Star… some even called it Heart. She discovered a lot of secrets during those encounters but shh, she can’t say anything about this.

The Girl named like the Wind
Became a Woman.

She is still faithfully following the New Life, who never fails to show her the way. They’ve become good friends, and even lay on the grass and stargaze, some nights.

I’ve heard she is full of bruises now,
Full of scratches and brushwood,
But doesn’t look any less magical.

The Girl named like the Wind
Became a Woman
And I’ve heard some people call her
The Wild Woman.


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