the infinite source

The Source is Infinite and ready to express through You.

That’s what I learned in the past 30 days.
30 days seem to be just a few. How can they make so much difference is someone’s life. But they do. My first shifting experience was about 17 days long! This, compared to the other one, has been The Bomb.

I believe in the good things coming
I believe in the good things coming
I believe in the good things coming
I am no master, I know nothing
But I am a servant and I know something
Take a look at myself through my third eye
Everything’s already alright, always alright
I’m black as night, with a little bit of moonlight

What a life.
30 days are not many days but it’s a lot of time. I like, I love, I need, I need to go on spiritaul retreats where the soul is being caressed and seen and awakened. That’s when I remember. About errthang.

It was my first yoga teacher training but hey, yoga teacher training? I would rather say how to live a human experience master training. Everyone needs something like this. Every Body needs an iniciation like those ones offered, named as yoga teacher trainings. What is yoga, anyways? Yoga is so much and it is being commercialized and used in the Western World in order to make business, more and more business, as every other thing in the Western World… But if you are interested and would like to dig deeper in the yoga everything, I highly reccomend you do. It’s not what it looks like, how they portray it, I promise.

I myself started yoga looking at it in a very superficial way. Only recently I’ve been shown what this world really is. A parallel universe. The way to live. At least, the way that makes a bunch of people live really good, and I’ve chosen that. Take a look at it and pinky promise, you will be shown another reality. Another planet, another perspective, another consciousness, another life!

Life is possible on this Planet.
That’s what I know now.
True, free, spirit, real and raw life is possible in here. It is. It is how we were supposed to lead our human experiences. The life pictured in the media, by corporations, around the city streets and in the minds of souls imprisoned by the matrix, that’s just one made up in order to serve few, made up and then penetrated in our brains since the moment we were born.
True, free, spirit, real and raw life is possible in your body and this I know for sure, now I know. What you need is to value yourself, believe in your intuitions, build a strong shield of light and see things as they really are.

See things as they really are.

infinite sourceressess

All you need is to do whatever it takes to start and keeping on living your truth, your own. I don’t care what it takes. You need to do it. Wether it takes traveling to places far away, that’s valid. Wether it takes changing your whole being, that’s valid. Wether you need to stay where you are, that’s valid, too. I don’t care what it takes, I’m telling you that’s the way. And truth is, only you know! Only you know deep down what it takes for you, and no-one else, to reach what you want to reach. What you know you have to reach.

Take responsability for it.
Own it.
Make that truth your own and value it as much as you value others’ ideas. Even if you’re the only one on the planet doing it.

Strip yourself of the shit. Let it out! Yell it out! Shake it out!
IT DOESN’T SERVE YOU ANYMORE! Maybe it did, once… not anymore.

Breathe. Start from there. From breathing. Return to this moment, this infinite, never ending moment.
Nourish yourself. Your body, your mind, your soul, caress it, take care of it, why? Because you can.

You know what to do.
I believe in you. I truly do.
I love you.
Love yourself as much as I love you.
Start from right here.

You know what to do.

Dame luz, dame luz para continuar
Que ya vivi asi, y no quiero mas oscuridad!
Dame luz, dame luz para continuar!
Que ya vivi asi, y no quiero mas oscuridad

Long story short, y’aaaaaall, have some fuuuaaaaan.
My one month long yoga teacher trainig experience was epic. It was not easy oh no, but damn was it good. Healing. Full of sisterhood. Witches. Wizards. The aya medicine showing me my true nature. Shamanic ancestry and ancient, long forgotten knowledge I hold inside of me. I know. I need to take care of what I know.

All ended with Envision festival, which was the shiz. Beautiful, powerful people all around, which empower you even more. The people you surround yourself with are the key, peeps. Surround yourself of good peeps, true to your nature.

Also, the Feminine is what’s up. Take care of it. We need your help.

Praising life
Holding space, my own and others’
Giving thanks
Amor infinito para siempre
Jai Ganesha!

With infinite love and truth,


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