freedom of choice

you choose all
you choose everything

you choose your life and your death and your experiences
and your possibilities and your manifested life and your piers
and your age and your community and your people and your thoughts
and so YOU create your own manifested human animal reality and those of all other living beings in your space.

YOU hold the keys
YOU hold the infinite power
YOU choose endless possibilities
YOU make them real
YOU make them leave
YOU decide how much love to let in
YOU decide how you want to express yourself and how often
YOU decide the blessings that are gonna come your way
YOU decide the pain to let in
YOU decide the drama in your experiences
YOU decide the ease
YOU decide the peace
YOU decide the abundance
YOU decide how much love and what kind
YOU decide your relationships
YOU decide appreciation
YOU decide respect
YOU decide the locations your life is gonna take place in
YOU decide where
for how long
how often
what kind
and the reason why



And you will remember
Quickly or slowly, at your own pace, but in the end, at some point in this lifetime,
you will remember. You will remember how life really is and how things really are.
And you will join us in the wave of doing what needs to be done.
And you will do what needs to be done


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