fro L

I never thought
love would feel this way

I never thought
to be humbled
by your eyes
everytime they crossed mine

Those real, and fierce, and determined eyes

My ego tells me
go away
but there’s something about
the smell of your skin that
makes me stay

My mind screams
let it go
but there’s something about
the way you stand on your feet
that tells me flow

I never thought
how Imperfect
when felt through Love’s heart
can feel so

I never thought to find you
so early! my love
Maybe because
I always considered myself
so young, still
to experience
the blessings that you bring
as well as the challenges

And I never thought
how hard
and brave it would be to
love you

Every Queen wants a King
Every Queen needs her King
And since she realized
she indeed is one, a beautiful Queen
she has been on the search of her ground
her feet
her base
her protection
her own soul walking the way next to her
not because she needs one
but because she knows about
the sweetness it adds
to the path she fiercely walks.

I was one of them

Actually, I thought
to be fairly ready
to jump on the red dirt road
next to you, with you
as soon as I saw you
and recognized you as the one

How I was wrong

I never did such a
crazy act
such as choosing to love you
a King among Kings

To love a King is a self-work job
needing to be done day to day
to be chosen actively
second to second

Loving a King needs patience
courage, humilty, grace, time, flexibility
and strenght at the same time
and this is why it is the most absurd
and the most uplifting choice
a Woman can make

Loving a King means

I am
to be broken
torn into pieces
and shattered against the wall
again, like many other times in my past
and at the same time
I am choosing
to love you

Loving a King might be
the most ground breaking
and scary choice
I have ever done
and I can’t wait
I can’t wait
to walk this red dirt road
alongside with you


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