a metamona ficabrija

The Language of What Shines.

Quiet the inner waves. They can be quieted.

Go far to some place. Away from your current one.

Be alone. In the vastness of what’s above your head.

Look and shine. Your gut out of the body. To the limitless.

Shine it like a diamond, shine it like you were born to do just that, because, in the depth of winter, there is ball of fire. That ball of fire is inside your heart, the center of your chest, and that ball of fire needs you to nurture it.

So, feed it.

Feed it!

Why not? Would you rather stay in that deep winter?
We both know you crave something completely warmer.

The little balls of concentrated gas float white above our heads and in less than a second, they are gone. They are just gone gone, and they didn’t even ask for permission. Things come, and then they go. You come, and then you go. The ficabrija comes, and then it goes.

Ficabrija is the term used to describe everything that shines, also used for consciousness, or life. The ficabrij comes and it jumps and screams and yells of joy and then it leaves, like any other thing that came.

Cause what comes, goes.
And what goes, was once there.

Be alone.
In the depth of your winter.
In that coldness that is freezing some bones.
Stay there but really be there, open your eyes, and look at it straight in the eye.

Turn your gaze.
And go.


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