Being born a healer woman, especially during these times, brings many complications, obstacles, pains and breakdowns. What I appreciate about it beyond measure, is that
at the end of the day
at the end of a chapter
before closing my eyes
looking the hateful and offending person in the eyes
after loosing my possessions
and standing alone in nature
I can look at myself knowing that I did it all truthfully

The day is bright today, it is so beautiful. The roman houses shine white and yellow in the sun, the light blue sky has no trace of a cloud, the cars pass by and people talk.
The usual, in Rome.

I am sipping coffee without sugar and I am enjoying my sweet womanly curves. Those that have been so despised by my own self, those that have survived hate-impregnated comments and thoughts full of guilt, now are welcomed and embraced as often as I can remind myself.

Women. You know, even if we have been despised, raped, shut down and tied up in the human history, we are still here, just the same, for every body, man and woman, child and elder, hugging the hurt man in our warm embrace, feeding the kids from our breast, comforting the uncomfortable

Women. Some say it’s a hard job. Because we’re mistreated, misunderstood and repressed by some. And still, we make the world being
nurtured enough
soft enough
loving enough
and emotionally tough enough
to continue spinning healthily

and this is the proof that we are strong indeed
wise indeed
life indeed


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