a prayer

So you wanna know my dreams.

My wildest ones.

You actually want to know what the most absolute and out of this world dreams I have? You want to know what I would say if I was asked to dream big, and very big? What I would want to do and reach in this life before death? The craziest thought and wish I have deep inside my purest soul.

Well here it is.

In my life as Arianna Dalerci,
I want to be with Nature
As much as I possibly can.

I want to live among nature, live with nature, look at nature every second of my days, I want to breathe nature and dance in nature, eat in nature, drink in nature, be nature.

I want to reconnect to the purest natural state of the planet. I want to get to know it and listen to it. I want to know what it has to say. I want to listen to its whispers and caress its features. I want to touch it and rub it and play in it. Dance with it.

My wildest dream for me is that one day, I can open my eyes and dance with nature all day long.

I want to serve nature and let it speak through me. I want to explore the planet and see what I never have seen before.

I want to have my fears clear in mind and walk towards them, go there where they are. I want to be brave and survive my fears. I want to stand tall in face of destruction and depression and anxiety, and say fuck you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. My door is open for you. And you can leave. Goodbye.

I want to stand tall in my own bodily temple and own my glory. I want to look down at my bodily temple and feel infused with deep love. I want to look up at the athmosphere of Earth and tell her look, I am doing what you asked for. I am living through you, for you. I am here for you. You gave me life and therefore I give you protection. You are my mother and I am your child, and as a child, I will nourish and heal my sick mother. I will kill your virus even if it means killing my species. Your balance and the balance of the healthy animals are what matters most.

I want to, actually, live out of the crazy sick patriarchal and egoistic system I have been obliged to be in. I want to actually live out of that. I am born in freedom and my right is to live in freedom, like any animal on this planet.

I am an animal on a planet and my birthright is freedom.

I am a woman on a planet and my birthright is choice. Love. Indipendence. Pursuit of my intuition. Respect.

I let my true self out almost never, constantly repressing my own deep desires and needs. I neglect my needs because everything in my surrounding tells me it’s wrong, and weird. That’s the trick: make a human feel isolated and not worthy, you will have him play by your rules. Give him consent and community, you will have him under your plan.

I think it’s disgusting.
But anyways,

I want to actually be my true purest truest self, the one I was born like and the one I was as a child. A young girl. My true spirit is that which I was when being a young girl. That is all.

And I wanna go back to it.
Back to my Self.

I want to look in the face of hell, the system and repression and say ‘I am leaving you’. The true life awaits me at the corner.

Plus, we have creation on our side, which is pretty rad. We saw it at Standing Rock with our brother Buffalo passing through. The confirmation is everywhere. It is in every place at every time in every situation: creation is on our side. When we are on the side of creation.

I am writing all this while being a human girl repressing her wild instincts living in a cold northern-hemispheric continent where there is cold and a sick society, in a human made city with buildings unnaturally too tall, and an amount of people that is not healthy. I am writing my deepest desires from the darkness in my bed with a mobile phone that some piers of my spieces must have created in not good conditions, hate and no love. I am writing all this when my day to day moments are taking a bus, going in a closed space class packed with piers of my species, listen to a grown up human telling me what he or she thinks is correct, thinking about the future a lot because life in a city means planning much, taking a bus back home in other closed spaces because it’s very cold outside, sit and look at a piece of paper or screen gathering more information to put in my brain so I can pass a test evaluated in the same way for every possible variety of human intellect and intelligence.

The only true reason I don’t let go of this is
Because I want to be loved.

Everyone needs love to survive.

I deep down want to be accepted and taken care of. I want that piers of my species look at my self and my activities and confirm to me that it’s good and worthy. I want to feel seen, respected and acknowleged. I want to be treaten with respect and seen worthy of respect for my choices and actions. I want to be loved, I need to be loved to function as a social animal, it’s part of my basic food.

If I do one single thing and decide to stick by the rules: my mother gives me love, my father gives me love, my sister gives me love, because they’re less worried. My friends give me love, because they can relate to me and my actions. Strangers give me love, for the same reason.

It’s all to be seen and acknowleged by human piers. Not the earth. Not other animals. Not plants, stars, other realms, very simply, humans.

If I do one other little thing and don’t stick by the rules: my mother gives me fear, my father gives me fear, my sister gives me fear, because they are scared about my choices. My friends give me fear and emotional isolation, because they cannot relate to me and my choices anymore. Strangers give me fear, for the same reason. Not plants, other animals, the earth, galaxies and spirits, just humans.

My life is being ruled by other humans. Or better, by their fears and emotions.

May this be emotional abuse?
In a subtle, subtle way, so subtle the common and asleep eyes won’t see: it is.

Most humans alive stop themselves from being alive because of a mass-emotional abuse among each other, a collective emotional disfunction, created in my eyes by the system creator of human robots and zombies.

If we only knew. If we only knew that getting together between humans alive is the living solution for and start of the human life in freedom.

If we only realized this and stopped abusing each other emotionally and got a little brave and stepped out of the collective fear. Out of our own demons. If we only did this – we would set ourselves free.

What I see lacking is probably organisation. Organisation among each other to plan and co-create a present with less abuse, more knowlege and truth information, and real community. Comm-unity: Common Unity.
Uni-verse: the Unique Verse.

The laws of out universe need common unity and the word itself is stating it. The Human Species, to overthrow, survive, and thrive, needs one thing: true Comm-Unity.

Come join me.
Will you join me?
This is not a game. Not a joke. Not a dream. May be a dream, but a very real one: we need to, have to do something about unfairness, abuse, disrespect. It’s our ‘obbligo’, our job. No-one or no-thing else outside of us is going to save the magical spirit and godgoddessness of the human kind.

We are not something common in the universe.
We are not something happening every couple of years somewhere on a piece of fluctuating element.
We are a GIFT
To ourselves and to creation
We are a precious gift for ALL dimensions and realities of this and other universes, realms, dimensions
We are so precious they have been trying to KILL, MISUSE and SWIPE OFF our entire species with our mother included
And they found the easiest and most quiet, unnoticed-going solution which is: ourselves.
They saw it right.
We were going to be the ones killing our own species.
We are currently the ones endangering and killing our own species.

Can’t you see?
Of course you can
It is very clear

And unless we recognize and take responsability of our past actions, present actions and actions to come, and collectively decide to Uni-fy and take our fate and the greatness of our kind in our own hands

Our fate is not gonna change on its own.

Will you join me?
Will WE start a revolution,
I am We are Loves voice, like Preston Smiles says?
Are we gonna take this godgoddessgoodness decision to start with small changes and action? Act like we care? Care like we act?

Are we?

The answer I know.
We Are.
We are taking action.

Come join the Re-Evolution
Shaping the evolution of our kind, mother and destiny
We are together united.

Tomorrow, today, when you wake up, when you open your eyes, go to ‘work’, go to ‘school’, walk in the matrix,
Talk to a friend about your beliefs.
Talk to a stranger about the Uni-fication.
Tell someone about the re-evolution, about the shaping of OUR world, about the right of freedom.
Start to express your values, dreams and hopes.

Write them down for yourself.
Decide what it is that you’re gonna start uni-fying your community, family, group of friends with.
Take time to heal and process and love your self, past present and unknown.
Do that thing you always wanted to do.
Speak your truth.
You have creation on your side.

The steps are small but they lead far, far away.
Believe in your power and trust your situation. Move away from blockages, demons, energy-suckers and brainwashers. Define your borders and they will be kept.
Ask and you shall receive.

Come talk to me. Text me. Email me back. I will answer.

The revolution is written, let’s step into it with our full sovereignty, tall, strong, grounded, led by spirit, held by woman, protected by men,

So shall my words become living truth and manifestation of our collective reality,
So shall they inspire the ready ones for action,
So shall they remind me of what I am capable of.

In service,
In spirit,
In strenght,



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