to do list

this is a poem inspired by the reading of Panduro & Rengifo and by today’s discussion about food, spirit and forests – natural resources, their uses and our relationship to them

to do list

eat local food wherever you go
local food
food grown from the lands where you stand upon
original, traditional, native plant species
animal species, roots, fruit trees, nuts
everything local
everything from the local soil

to get local food,
go to the local farmers markets.
whatever it might take
how long it might take
how long you have to walk, drive, bike
go to the local farmers markets

wherever you are in the world
talk to the people of the land.
it’s important to share, exchange, unite
with native people’s stories
with their teachings, knowledge, songs and also
if you can,
dance the local dance
and play the local music.

take the customs
hear the words
dance the music
eat the foods.

use internet for knowledge
as a privilege you’d never be able to absorb
and use it only to talk to family, friends
do not get lost in its deep, virtual ocean
taste the waves and come back to land.
the land you stand upon.

wherever you are
talk to the plants
see if they can love you,
understand you
and see if they want to
share something with you.

wherever you are
acknowledge the spirit world
present on that land, on those forests and
inbetween the waters.
teach the people you meet about your ways
and learn from them about their own.

and lastly
protect the agency of all non-human beings

a big thank you to Pat and Peter, my professors that tought me how to breathe and how to listen


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