I am learning
more and more
what it means
to take and let go
love and let go
ache and let go

I am learning
more and more
what it feels like
to be so open
to love
so vulnerably
in love
so guard-less
that when the slap comes
you almost cannot believe it
and it hurts
a thousand burns more

live and let live
love and let love
be free and set free
be human and let human be

if we are two bodies
it means we were meant to not be the same

if we are two different bodies
it means we were meant to be two souls
and not, as much I had hoped so,

trying unceasingly to find something
to fill up my holes
my dark
my opposite
but maybe
the only way through
is to stop searching

if we are two bodies
maybe it means
we were not born
in the first place
to fill each other up

it sounds obvious
but to me, it was not

one sword
two swords, three
how many times do I have to breathe
any longer
counting swords
in my stomach?

ten of swords
eleven of swords
twleve of swords,
and what now?

childhood wounds
karma, lifepath

I wish we were born two
to grow into one
so to not feel that alone

I believe we are meant to
find comfort in each other
dry each others’ tears
and dig deeper in the soul-opening journey of vulnerability
this is what I believe in
and I believe in nothing else

if it’s not her
maybe it’s another one
if it’s not him
it is the next one

I can just keep being open
and see who stays in the uncomfortable, deathly eye of life
scariest truth,
real love

i never experienced friendship heartache
maybe I feel too much
maybe I am too intense
or maybe I am just healthy

the only truth is that
we are in space
no-one knows what’s going on
and i love you


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