Ari Slam

I guess that if I gotta be alive
I might as well be very alive.

I’m so tired of fucking bullshit.
I’m so tired of pretending I care when I’d rather flee.
I’m so tired of creating poetry that makes sense to everyone but to me.
I’m so tired of revisioning, tired of “eating green” and counting every fucking minute of this very absurd daydream.
I’m tired of the dances with no heart and I’m tired of the pizzas with no cheese.
I’m tired of blind screens and I’m tired of shushing my own me.

I find myself in a big ass town that tastes like cigarette smoke and feels like isolation,
the nightlights cringe like our teeth do at night
rich bodies with hollow souls dreaming about beaches and sand at night
sandcastles, when was the last time you built one?
Escapism is normalized and procreation is rationalized
Dehumanized, re-colonized and classified
Can we turn that radar off and look at the nightsky, just for one time.
Can you see your grandma in a star?

And please, don’t tell me to shut up
Have you ever heard of Italy?
I bet you did but what more do you know other than pizza, pasta and “dadadada”

I got 22 years, I’m a white ass chick privileged as shit but I won’t shut up cause I grew up in a place where life for some people is not that sweet as you’d think and 14 years old babies are catcalled on the streets
Yes there’s sun everyday but try to walk on those streets
men looking at you like you’re dead meat, worthy only of words formed with spit
knitted together with pity and envy, and you are fourteen.
At fourteen, a man in a bus rubbed his dick on my knee. And I did not speak a word.
In my country, you’ll see beauty and soul but you know, not that many young folks. There’s desert on the asphalt. We’ve all fled, chasing the American Dream.

American Dream.
I came to North America THREE years ago for the first time
and look, I already talk like y’all! Shit!
Ain’t it funny? Ain’t it crazy how modern day life is just a damn reflection of North American nay-nay lifestyle
A dream the 1% sells to us, waiting for redemption
forgetting ’bout their nation, their fathers, their lovers, sons and daughters
Selling their MOTHER,
Planet Earth. Treated like toilet paper, cheap labour and abandoned graveyards
of a human culture once spiritual. Those days are gone.

Did you know that in my native tongue, latte means milk so all y’all have been drinking this whole time was a pumpkin spiced extra tall mother fucking MILK?
I came to North America for the first time three years ago and all I could see were big bright signs of my own culture’s food spelled funnily. And it bothered me.
At least check the grammar if you feel like worthy of appropriation

American Dream. A dream not many want to live but seek lifelong desperately
Go to Europe you’ll understand, Hollywood is all that plays on the screens and the radios seem to be making love with Drake, Kesha and Britney only

We all hate capitalism but let’s admit it. We are so
To say a goddamn thing. Including me. Day to day life we grin, and keep it in.
We are all the same, down on our knees, paying for an orgasm and begging for love like a priest begs for sins
Raised like chicken and killed like beef
meat on the table, human meat, objectification,
let’s take a knee.

I myself was too scared of doing something, just something, for too long that a white beard started growing from my chin
young flesh and old soul I was trying to keep the world afloat
with my own two hands, handles of flesh, but I can’t
Couldn’t anymore.
I fell to the ground and cast a spell.
The spell was the one of unity.
Patience, kindness, self growth, raising my voice, speaking out loud, I grew to be proud
of my own self doubt. And started the healing process all over again.

We gotta go slow, honey.
Oh baby, we gotta take it slow.
Take a deep breath and progress into the joint mindset of inner
and outer

See what’s real.
Remember the neighbours.
Listen to the trees.


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